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Before and after photos of famous openly gay man who just died of anal cancer (photos)



According to reports on social media, a gay man identified as Adraud Paul has just died from Complications he got from years of having Anal sex.

A page on facebook posted the news with the caption;

“Can you recall the homosexual, Adraud Paul? Well, the constant anal…. you know… resulted in cancer of the anus. He just died.”[AdSense-B]

the post has gone viral on facebook and now has over 3,450 shares

Malachy had this to say;

Where are the gays? there’s something that’ll really interest you people. Heard of Anal Cancer? Do you know you’re more liable to it? I guess you need no one to preach to you on that.

But its quite unfortunate one Mr Ardaud Paul is said to have died as a result of Anal cancer as reported by a Facebook user. Of course, Mr Paul was a homosexual and was open about it.

I still do not know the fun in f*cking a masculine just like yourself, nothing to press, play with or suck? And the feminine part using hands and toys, am sorry but nothing is like a correct prick😉.

Gays lost their sense of reasoning really. May God have mercy on the deceased soul.

More photos below.

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