PhD student at Stanford breaks down easiest way to escape poverty in Nigeria

A Nigerian PhD student, Gift Iyioku has revealed a streamlined path people from low income households can follow if they want to make it out of poverty.

The lady who is running her doctorate degree in German Studies and Political Science at Stanford University, Stanford California used herself as a case study.

Gift said the first step is to take ones studies seriously while in school. She said the next is to study hard and strive to graduate with good grades.

According to the PhD student, she then applied for fully funded Masters programme in the United States.

After that, the ‘study hard’ mantra continues and so that one can bag a Masters degree with distinction.

Gift also said the next move is to apply for a PhD programme at Stanford and be entitled to receiving thousands of dollars as benefits that come with the offer.

Her breakdown was in response to a tweet that read; “Based on experience, what’s the easiest way to make it out of the trenches?”

Gift wrote;

“Stay in school.

Study hard.

Come out with good grades.

Apply for a masters degree in the U.S with full funding (mid way out of the trenches).

Study hard

Apply for a PhD at Stanford.

Get paid a couple thousand dollars to get a degree. (Out of trenches).”

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