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Peugeot 504 owner asks 2020 Lexus owner to repair his car after bashing each other



A video which surfaced on social media shows the aftermath of an accident involving an old model Peugeot 504 and a Lexus SUV.

It was learnt that the Peugeot bashed the 2020 Lexus and left a huge dent while the 1978 model 504 lost its front tyre.

In the background of the video, the Lexus owner could be heard lamenting over the damage done to her car.

Also, a passerby who recorded the scene said that the man who drove the Peugeot 504 insisted that the woman to repair his car.

Watch the video HERE

endylight1; The Peugeot is a strong car, wow.

enicryptoexchange; Make them dash am #2500, he go fix everything for the car and even upgrade am sef.

dollerfrosh; It doesn’t matter the kind of car you’re driving, the person at fault should do the payment of damage.

dr_skibo_savage; Lol… Na him means of surviving… so fix his car please.

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