People think I do runs, they don’t know I use men for rituals – Lagos big girl confesses

A 24-year-old Lagos big girl known as Lindsey has opened up about how she was able to buy cars and establish businesses.

She said that a friend introduced her to an occult group and the instruction given to her was to always bring the seed of men she sleeps with.

The young woman said she’s been doing it for a while and has bought herself two cars, set up four businessess and has an apartment in Lagos.

She explained that people think she is a runs girl not knowing that what she does to make money is a far cry from their assumption.

According to Lindsey, she has used a total of 73 men to renew her wealth and sometimes their girlfriends suffer as a result

She said; “I’m a 24-year-old girl. I was tired of being broke so a friend introduced me to a place in Ogun state during my service year where I can traditionally make money. We did it and It’s been working for us. I was initiated into the occult and my assignment is to bring men’s spxxm. I have 4 businesses, 2 cars, and a comfortable rented apartment in Lagos.

Currently, I’m renovating my family house. People think I do hook up and sleep with politicians but no, I go for guys from 22-36 years old. Men are very cheap and getting my sacrificial lambs ain’t even stressful. These men have their wealth and destinies exchanged whenever we have sex.

They’d never make money again no matter how they try. I’ve used over 73 guys if I’m not mistaken. Some of these men’s girlfriends suffer scratches and spiritual attacks in form of “spirit husbands”. Men are not the only ones doing rituals though, girls do too. I’d stop and give my life to Christ once I clock 30. I’m happy I haven’t murdered anybody.”

In related news, a set of content creators pranked a young Nigerian lady by making her believe they wanted to use her for money rituals.

The lady is a student and online vendor who does ‘hookup’ as a side hustle, so the men ordered something from her worth N35k which they asked her to deliver by herself.

She was given a hotel address to come to with the clothing accessories for sale, however, on reaching there, they asked if she also does runs and she answered affirmatively.

She went into the rest room and changed into bathrobe but that was when the horrific experience began for her.

In a video circulating online, the two men could be seen dressed up like ritualists, while one held a calabash, another was holding an unidentified object.

They later informed the scared lady that they are not real ritualists but she was still very shaken by their act.

The girl started crying and begging them to spare her life but they warned her about the dangers of doing runs.

One of them wondered why she was not contented and satisfied with the online business she was doing that she decided to add selling her body. She said it is the situation of things in the country that pushed her to start doing such.

According to the content creators, they played the prank to send a strong message to young girls who see the red light business as a way of life.

After assuring her that it was all just a content for social media, they then handed her N100k as compensation for her troubles and warned her to never engage in body trade again.