People saw me with my aunt and told her husband I was her sugar boy – Man recounts

A Nigerian man known as Afam has recounted a funny incident that could have caused a crack in his aunt’s marriage if she did not have an understanding and trusting husband.

He said that the woman in question is his mother’s younger sister and the drama happened after he attended a wedding with her in Enugu.

According to Afam, her husband told him to accompany his wife because he would not be able to go with her.

He added that when they were seen in public by people who knew the couple, they started calling and texting the husband to report that they saw his wife and her sugar boy at a hotel.

The young man who said his uncle called him and started laughing because of what people said about them.

Afam wrote; “I recall one time I was in Enugu to spend some time with my cousins. My aunt and her husband had a wedding to attend, husby couldn’t make it and asked me to go with my aunt.

We were at the wedding when husby called and was laughing out tears that people have been bombarding him with calls & text that they saw his wife with her “sugar boy” in a hotel. Emphasis on HOTEL. Nah, world people are sick!”

In reaction, @RealCOASTMAN said; You are lucky; your uncle is a Godly man who had much trust on you. He could have assumed that you have been sleeping with his wife. These things happen.

@Sandyberry199; They were not wrong. That is the order of the day in Enugu. I keep wondering why a lady will a rich man them use his money to flaunt her sugar boy. Ifeneme n’Enugu o.

@RapidMax01; Her husband may be a very popular man in Enugu. Enugu is a small state tho and everyone knows everyone there.

@ndiwe_oby; There are always ppl wishing a good relationship to clash. Be careful out there. Not everyone like good things EVEN your bestie

@mikkyslycode; Truth is sugar boy things is very common in enugu

@No_F4se; Na daily news before print be that, reporting watin dem no see.

@Marvix47525483; Your Twitter name alone fit put you for that kind trouble na… Who knows if you wan piawaa the man Azu.