People in this generation are manipulative – Erigga

Famous Nigerian Hip Hop artiste, Erigga has asserted that everybody in the present generation is manipulative and love playing mind games.

He decried the idea that people are trying so hard to exploit and outsmart each other including colleagues, business partners and friends.

Erigga generation

According to the ‘Problem No Dey Finish’ crooner it’s hard having genuine interactions and building authentic connections with people as they are all trying to use each other.

Erigga, however, noted that to rise above the common practice, one would have to possess a good degree of emotional intelligence.

Taking to his Twitter page, Erigga wrote; “This generation too dey play games.. Everybody just wan outsmart each other in any form of transaction..be it in business, relationship and even friendships

It’s a real war out there having to interact with people…if you no use person Dem go use you. Manipulation and mind games is the new cool.. but emotional intelligence is the hack of it all.”

@IgnatiusMike3; Senior Bro, Na you don talk watin I man suppose hear this morning.. Everybody wan outsmart the other

@BobbyCl15611400; This is the world we live in today

@walshakgentle; These same manipulators will blame the government for bad governance but they fail to realize the government is just a reflection of the society.

@rozfreshjay; The fxxked up part is that most the of the scam be very obvious but some will still fall for it.