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People hailing you have now abandoned you – Man mocks Naira Marley



A Nigerian man identified as Ameh on Facebook has taken to the social media platform to mock up-and-coming Nigerian singer, Naira Marley, who would be arraigned in court by the EFCC today, Monday 20th of May 2019. According to the Facebook user, Naira Marley’s fans and supporters who were hailing him have abandoned him.

According to Ameh, humans will push one another into troubles but leave the former to their fate to face their consequences.

He further berated the rapper for being stupid knowing fully well he is allegedly into fraud and still running his mouth on social media.[AdSense-B]

He wrote:

“When Naira Marley was exhibiting diarrhoea of the mouth, they were busy hailing him. He has put himself in EFCC wahala now, dem don leave am make e cry alone”

“You see this life ehn, they’ll see you nearing transformer with iron pole and be encouraging you to continue. Once you touch the transformer with the ayon and get shocked, you will die alone.”

“I don’t pity the guy. He is paying for his own stupidity. You dey do illegal still dey loud am like say na fundamental human right. Go and face your court case. You see that goal that you have been shouting since, you’ll score it in gaol. Na that goal wan kee you so.”[AdSense-B]

That is that… However as mentioned earlier, Naira Marley would be arraigned in court today. In all, EFCC in the case marked FHC/L/178c/19, filed 11 charged against the singer and his cohorts, many of who are now at large.

Details of the court papers show that most of the charges border on use of forged or stolen access card to obtain money, offences, which are punishable by the Cyber Crimes Prohibition law of Nigeria.[AdSense-A]

The musician has been charged with the following;



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