People don’t appreciate their blessings because it’s not as big as someone’s own – Nasboi

Nigerian content creator and singer, Nasboi, has urged people to try being happy for others as their breakthrough is bound to come so long as they have faith.

He gave the advice via Twitter and got a response from an Influencer, Asiwaju Lerry that sometimes one can be genuinely happy for others, yet the blessings won’t come.

People don't appreciate their blessings because it's not as big as someone's own - Nasboi

Nasboi wrote via his official Twitter account; “Just Dey happy for people. Your own go come in Jesus name”

In reaction, Asiwaju Lerry said; “You fit dey happy for people make your own still no come.”

However, the skit-maker added that the mistake people make is not being grateful when their breakthrough comes because they were expecting it to be as big as the other person.

The ‘Cinderella’ crooner tweeted; “Your own fit come Buh you still no Dey grateful because you think say e no big reach the next person own.”

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Meanwhile, CorrectNG recalls that Nigerian On-Air-Personality, Daddy Freeze revealed that he’s never given his mother money since he was born.

The Radio host said there is no blessing in giving your rich parents money and one only gets blessings when they give to the p00r.

According to the controversial journalist, If an individual gives his or her parents money when they are struggling then they will be blessed.

Freeze wrote; “There is no blessing in giving your rich parents money. The blessing is when you give to the p00r. If your parents are struggling then you are blessed when you give them money or assist them. ‘Honor your father & mother’ should not be monetized!”

Akin Alabi commented; A mother that has a life will not even want you to prioritize her over your wife.

Freeze replied; Shey na my mama wey be Professor of Law, Vice Chancellor of ABUAD wan get time put mouth for my matter? Sometimes one week sef, my mama never pick my call.. My mother is too busy with her career and doing well financially. I have never, as a matter of fact, given my mother money before. The woman hold her side pieces.

When a social media user beautifulbubes wrote; Please give to your mother even if she’s richer than you. I love to give my mother, there’s this smile she gives me that always gladdens my heart. There’s Joy that comes with giving to our parents.

He added; no need… she has no need for it. Money will NEVER make my mother smile. She was not raised with Nigerian mentality. When I was younger, a politician in Ibadan came to see my mum and dropped some money with her PA. My mum drove to his house to return the money. The only money my mum values is the one she earned! Change your mentality.