People doing Yahoo Yahoo will experience unexplainable suffering someday – Pastor warns

A Nigerian pastor has warned internet fraudsters popularly called Yahoo Boys, to desist from their ways or risk facing the wrath of karma.

He issued the warning during a sermon in church, adding that though many do not believe in Karma, it actually exists.

The clergy man said those who are enjoying the proceeds of fraud will one day start enduring suffering that they will not understand.

The man of God said he understands the things of the spirit and he has forseen an unpleasant future for fraudsters.

He also mentioned how some people are audacious enough to even use money gotten through yahoo to train their children.

He warned them to be careful because the lavish lifestyle will be shortlived.

Watch him speak below:

oluwaseunsakaba wrote; It’s Actually a curse 🤬 using someone’s pains to train ur children.

diaryofcheemarkorllinzz; If you steal from innocent women under the guise of being a servant of God you too go get headache… isi okpo

bn_rx_bx; Karma is real.. what about the Nigeria government when will karma fuck them or Karma in Nigeria collect bribe ? Asking 4 a friend

jay444418; They no gree pay my ancestors salary for work may they work instead they kill them so God suppose understand life nah turn by turn. There own turn they kill our ancestors they no still pay them salaries so we just the collect the salary e remain to kill them self.

marvido01; This man dey find feam by all means, Always want to be on social media
No sound massage always rubbish.

obioma.agu’s profile picture; You are the real yahoo man, feeding from the poor masses go and get a job 🙄

official_no_worries_yrn; See who Dey chop offering Dey talk 😂

shakara_; Coming from someone that still accepts tithes and offerings from yahoo boys 😢

temiday024; U re using church money to buy bulletproof car and deceive pple .. una go meet for hell.

A software engineer identified as Paula Paul has revealed that she taught a friend tech skills who then used the knowledge against her after learning.

The lady said she introduced the friend to decentralised finance also known as (DeFi) and she made her first million from the field.

Paula said that at a time her pal was cashing out big, her own account was hacked and emptied by an unknown person.

She visited the friend to lament about how everything she worked hard to earn through the years was wiped clean.

In a dramatic twist of events, she later discovered that it was the same bestie who hacked her account.

The techie revealed that he was eventually able to recover 90 percent of the funds back as she had already spent out of the money.

Paula tweeted; ”I taught a very close friend Defi and she made her first millions from it, taught her jobs and she made more money from it, I was later hacked and all my funds was drained, I went to her, cried to her and explained how I worked so hard for it, I later found out she was the thief.”

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