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PDP delegate donates money from aspirants to his community for education, healthcare



A Kaduna man is being lauded for fulfilling the promise he made to his community if elected to represent Sanga Local Government Area as a delegate at the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) primary election.

Tanko Rossi Sabo has donated to his community, the entire sum he collected from aspirants at the House of Assembly, House of Representatives, Senate, Gubernatorial and Presidential elections.

A Facebook user, Moses Titus Kuzayet who made this known, revealed that Tanko had pledged to use half of the money to pay WAEC and NECO fees for orphans.

Out of the other half, he will take 20 percent and use it to attend to an elderly man in the community who is in need of medical condition, while the other 30 percent will be shared between ward level politicians.

Moses wrote; ”A RESPONSIBLE DELEGATE TANKO ROSI. God bless you as you have Fulfil your Promise today to the good people of Kaduna State.

Tanko Rossi Sabo is giving us the positive side of being a delegate. Even if the process is monetised, the proceeds can be channeled to positive causes and be seen as a way of getting from the Politicians what belongs to the people.

Tanko Rossi is from Sanga Local Government. He is one man I speak very highly of anywhere. He is honest, just and fair. If you work with him, he gives you even what you are not aware is for you. It is hard to not like him.

Tanko, before the election of Adhoc and national delegates, promised in his campaign manifesto that if elected delegate to represent them in Sanga and vote in the House of Assembly, House of Representatives, Senate, Gubernatorial and Presidential Elections, he would do the following:

  1. The Community would choose a treasure who would receive EVERY DIME FROM THE DELEGATE MONEY DURING THE PRIMARY ELECTIONS
  2. After the elections, the money would be shared into two
  3. One half will be used to pay WAEC and NECO fees for orphans in the community
  4. For the other half, 30 parrcent will be shared among the politicians in the community while 20% will be given to him.
  5. From the 20 % with him, he will see a well known man in the community who has been ill for a long time.

Ladies and gentlemen, if all Delegates use the proceeds of their participation in primary Elections like this, then we are not losing badly on this front.”

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