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Pastor Osazuwa says it’s a sin to be a tenant, reveals why



Pastor Charles Osazuwa, the founder of Rock of Ages Christian Assembly Int’l Inc., has claimed that it is a sin to have a landlord as Christians should have only their lord – Jesus Christ.

In a message posted on Facebook on Thursday, Osazuwa advised young people to begin building their own homes as soon as they start earning income.

“According to scripture, you are supposed to have only one lord so when you have a landlord you have two lords. You’ve never heard this before. So to be a tenant is a sin,” he said, quoting Exodus 20:5.

“The tenant is always at the mercy of the landlord. The landlord can call the tenant anytime and he can request to use his apartment anytime. The Christian who is a tenant should work towards freeing himself from the second lord which is the landlord.”

Osazuwa advised that Christians should not think of building a mansion but should first plan to get out of the hold of landlords. “Look for land anywhere and build even if it is a two-room apartment,” he said.

“A church that operates in a rented apartment is having two lords. This should not be,” he said.

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