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Pastor gifts church offering to member for her to start business (Video)



Pastor Abbeam Ampomah Danso of God’s Solution Centre, Ghana, has given hope of a better life to his church member by gifting her an amount of money.

In a video which is circulating online, the preacher was seen asking a lady to count the day’s offertory.

After the money was counted, the woman revealed that the offertory totaled GHC707 (N45,922.32).

The pastor then went on to ask her if he had met her before. To this, the woman answered that it was the second time she was meeting the preacher and that the first time they met was at Atinka in Ghana.

She later revealed that she decided to pay the church a visit after their first encounter at Atinka and added that she was coming from Tabora-Alhaji.

Following the short introduction and conversation, Pastor Abbeam Ampomah Danso asked the woman to keep all the money.

The lady’s reaction was so priceless as it appeared she could not stand straight on her feet after being told to keep the money.

Watch the video below:

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