Pastor enters bad, muddy road in Edo to pray for good governance (Watch video)

A Nigerian pastor has visited the Benin/Auchi road which is in a terrible state, to seek God’s intervention in getting it fixed.

He stood in the middle of the flooded road with a bible, bell and anointing oil to demand good governance from the governor of Edo state, Godwin Obaseki.

The cleric prayed for God to touch the Governor so that he would do the right thing and rehabilitate the Ekpoma road.

He said that he chose to enter the muddy water because he wants to draw attention to that particular problem, and he is not like other pastor who will drive past the bad road in their big cars.

In a video which is circulating online, he could be seen reading a bible passage and calling on children in the area to join as he prayed against any evil forces preventing Obaseki from delivering good governance.

He showed a large portion of the highway which had been submerged in muddy water, saying that other governors work for their state, but it looks like Edo has none.

The cleric said that the deplorable state of the road was an indication that supernatural forces were at work and it was not an ordinary problem.

Watch the clip below:

livelifefast0; See joblessness and poverty smh

timmynaija; This is what we all should be doing, I did this many years ago on Ijede Road and Igbe Road both in Ikorodu.

adrian_devon; Nigeria government useless shall

_baamo; Na money for Jeep you self Dey find 😂😂

call_me_gallant; The govt needs to do something about this ekpoma road,we dey suffer am big time

ghaffarmogaji; Why can’t you tell your God to do a miracle and tile the road, thought it says in Matthew 17: 20-21 that if you have faith as small as a mustard seed you can tell a mountain to move from A to B and it would move and nothing is impossible for you.