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“Is Pastor Adeboye God?” — Daddy Freeze replies Apostle Suleman



Daddy Freeze don’t seem to be relenting on this tithing issue. Yesterday, we wrote about Apostle Johnson Suleman’s reply to Daddy Freeze on the tithing issue where he told Daddy Freeze that he has no right to attack a pastor on church issues as he is not a pastor.

Well, the never relenting self-acclaimed leader of the free nation and #FreeTheSheeple movement pioneer, Daddy Freeze, has reacted to Apostle Johnson Suleman’s reply.

He took to his instagram account to write a long reply where he asked Apostle Suleman if Pastor Adeboye is God.[AdSense-B]

He wrote;

“Dear apostle Suleiman, the leader of the #FreeNation greets you and brings glad tidings.

It would have gladdened my heart profoundly, and done the body of Christ much eminence, if you had shed some scriptural light on the tithing issue, as against going down the well worn path of sentimental and emotional blackmail your ‘elders’ have familiarized us with.

In 2017, Nigerian Pentecostal Christianity can no longer lean on the seemingly weak foundations it was established upon, as the numbers are clearly not adding up, hence the need for the #FreeTheSheeple movement to be birthed, to question conventional wisdom and challenge obtuse doctrines.

You made a statement that I find disheartening. According to you, “The GO corrected a wrong notion and I dared to respond to him”. Let me ask you, is he God? Or do I look like those people kissing and hugging his empty chair as seen in that forlorn video that went viral?[AdSense-B]

With all accorded respect sir, I have EVERY RIGHT, to demand an explanation for a doctrine that is evidently not in symphony with the teachings of Christ, or in synchrony with Biblical scripture.

Therefore, until either you, or anyone else provides conclusive biblical clarification, for why your churches collect tithe, despite the glaring contradiction that your first teachers and pastors, the 12 disciples and the churches they set up never did, this matter would linger.

About the debate you have suggested I’m all up for it, let’s communicate the venue and have this addressed once and for the last time.

I do extend my utmost regards and kind considerations. ~FRZ”

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