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“Until Pastor Adeboye can show me that he does this with his private jet, I won’t agree he needs one” – Daddy Freeze slams RCCG GO



A Nigerian lady identified as Anita Asemota took to her Facebook page to share a story of an American preacher, Mr. Straw, who resigned from his work as a pilot in an oil and gas sector and moved his entire family to Gabon, and used their private jet to be moving sick people from remote area to where they can get proper medical care and also move health workers back to remote areas.[AdSense-B]


She wrote;


Meet the Straw Family. They visited our church in Bellefonte and they own a plane. Mr.s Straw resigned from a well paying job as a pilot in the natural gas field to move his entire family to Gabon. They use their planes to fly the sick in remote areas, who don’t have access to medical facilities, out for treatment and health workers back into remote communities.

I’m pretty sure the LORD would not have had need for this American family in Africa if he had children who were willing to serve HIM there. This is how I know your GOs are not Christians. Hope you enjoyed wasting your Sunday morning with them.”

Nigerian controversial OAP, Daddy Freeze saw this and took interest in it. He uploaded the screenshot of the Facebook post on his Instagram page and wrote;[AdSense-B]


Now this pastor needs a plane.

Until pastor Adeboye can show me that he does this with his jet, I won’t agree that he needs one and that ‘global preacher’ theory is not convincing enough to spend millions of dollars on a personal ‘asset’. ~FRZ –

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