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Parte after Parte is the biggest song out of Africa



Ugandan best performing artist, BigTril who released his much-anticipated hit single titled “Parte After Parte,“ produced by himself has surprisedly become a hit song in East African and Diaspora, which has taken over music charts, radio stations, and clubs.

Big Tril started out in 2011 with a crew called Baboon Forest Entertainment but he is now signed to Strike Entertainment, a Nigerian label based in Uganda. He is said to have a number of hit songs which did not cross to Kenya.

According to him, he had no vibe while producing the beat of parte after parte. He went on IG feeling frustrated and found a video of Pastor Martin Ssempa. A line from the argument between the pastor and an LGBT rights inspired him to get back to the studio and hear the beat. He attributed the success of the song to the prominent pastor.

The song is built on a sound that came in the 2000’s and has since gone out of style. But one thing stands out is the funny hook on which the song is built, Parte after parte after parte. Since the release of this hit song, he has received a remix request from a couple of African artistes from Nigeria, South Africa, etc.

This song has crossed over the shores of Africa into the international space. The success of this transition as people would say is due to the fact that Card B was greatly influenced by this song during her short visit to Nigeria. Wizkid also tweeted about the song, November 15, 2019. For this reason,Parte after Parte’ became the second biggest cross-over African song of 2019. The credit of this new breakthrough goes to Nigerian A list celebrities, show promoters, Dj’s, contents creators etc, who keeps jamming to the song all day long.

Parte after parte is now a popular slang used to people to explain how their week went or how their incoming week would be like. The slang is the selling point which has catapulted the song into a status that is beyond Big Trill’s imagination. A cursory scroll through your YouTube and you’ll see people acting a fool to the line, ‘Party after Party.’ Currently, the song sits at Number 6 on Apple Music’s Top 100 most played Nigerian songs. The video accumulated over 1m views in three months, a symbolic win for the new King of Kampala.

Parte after Parte is not just a song, it’s a viral moment that makes everybody want to be cool. It’s similar to how Tik Tok grew in the first place – the power of cool. Nobody wants to be left out, so everyone creates social media content and have its tag – in this case, the song playing in the background.

The trending song that has taken over the club house, parties and dancehall space. This song has been blasting since August and finally explode to the world in November.

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