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Panic as woman disappears with seven-month-old baby in Imo market

There was tension and pandemonium at Amaraku weekly market in Isiala-mbano Local Government of Imo State on Friday when a 7-month-old baby was reportedly abducted by a woman.

It was gathered that the woman offered to assist a young mother in carrying her baby girl who was preventing her from marketing her goods.

However, moments after the unsuspecting mum relieved herself by giving her little daughter to the suspect, she vanished with the child and was nowhere to be found.

According to a source, when the baby’s mother who gave the woman a wrapper so she could carry the child on her back, realised that she had disappeared, she started shouting, ‘where is my child ?’

The source said; “Today [Friday] in Amaraku Market, I was purchasing some food items when a woman started yelling, ‘my baby, my baby, where is my baby?’

“Because the baby was wailing and upsetting her while she was selling Okro and other veggies, she had given her 7-month-old infant to a stranger. After placing the infant on her back, the stranger vanished into the mob. The woman began screaming and sobbing when she realized the woman was no longer in sight.

“Other nearby traders assisted in the hunt for the woman but were unable to locate her. Given that there were over five thousand buyers and sellers present, it’s possible that the woman was enchanted by the stranger. Because no responsible mother would release her child in such a setting.”