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Oyedepo: Paul Enenche blasts Daddy Freeze, calls him a mad dog




President, Dunamis International Gospel Centre, Pastor Paul Enenche, has reacted to the viral video showing the moment insults were hauled at the founder of the Living Faith Church Worldwide, Bishop David Oyedepo by controversial media personality, Daddy Freeze.

Enenche said the action of Daddy Freeze towards Oyedepo is disrespectful and he described the OAP as “a mad dog”.

Recall that Daddy Freeze had criticized Bishop Oyedepo for saying women should submit to their husbands.

Reacting, Ibiyeomie called the media personality a bastard and threatened to kill him for insulting Bishop Oyedepo.


In a video which surfaced less than 24 hours ago, Freeze who denied ever insulting the clergyman was also seen calling Oyedepo a “bald headed fowl”.

In a recent post, Pastor Enenche, speaking on the video and justifying his characterization of Freeze, said Jesus Christ also called Herod a wild dog.

“The culture of respect is a well rooted, scriptural, Bible culture.

“In Acts 23:5, when Paul the Apostle spoke in careless way, regarding the high priest Ananias, and his attention was drawn, he immediately withdrew his words and apologized.

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“The culture of respect is also a deeply rooted African culture, strong that in parts of this country, in the West, men prostrate to greet fathers and elders.

“Yesterday, a man drew my attention from America, regarding a video that was mimicking God’s servant Bishop David Oyedepo, posted by the mad dog called Freeze; mad dog emphasized.

“Somebody said pastor why do you call a person a dog, Jesus did that first; He called Herod a wild dog, a fox,” Enenche reacted in a Facebook post on Friday.

He also defended Ibiyeomie, maintaining that the OAP behaves like someone that was not well trained.


“A man looking for attention by all means and doing that by pulling down people who put value over the years.

“Someone said something and he said that they called him a bastard.

“I believe that that title is less than what it is because if that is not the title to be called, when last did you behave like somebody who grew in a home, when last did you behave like somebody whose father gave him any morals, when last did you behave like somebody who knows culture, what did your father teach you growing up; what did you learn as a child?

“And here you are, wifeless, houseless, jobless, can’t keep a wife, can’t keep a job, can’t keep nothing and you are commenting about someone who is speaking about marriage and that has been married successfully for close to 40 solid years,” he said.

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Furthermore, Enenche advised Nigerians not to allow themselves be deceived by radio host, adding that they should, like Oyedepo, do their part to help their generation.

“When last did a tailor advised a surgeon how to operate?


“What do you know about marriage? Who can’t keep a home.

“What do you know about success and destiny? Who is a baggage of moral bankruptcy and emptiness of character, talking about people who you are never up to and will never be up to.

“Ask yourself this question, how many lifetimes will you need to employ 35,000 people in your organization; that is what Bishop Oyedepo has done successfully and beyond that.

“I advise you, you are already a cursed man, a cursed man by virtue of bankruptcy of everything around you but you better repent now, otherwise Jehovah, Whom you have stood against will deal with and deal with your lineage.

“Let me give you a final counsel, before you talk about married people and people in ministry, go ahead, get yourself a wife…succeed in your marriage and then you have every audacity to speak further on marriage..otherwise you are a collosal, monumental waste of existence.

“And for everyone who follow gullibly, irresponsible personality such as this…just don’t waste your life; go face your front and do what you need to do to make a mark in your generation,” Enenche said.

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