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Our zaddy – Ladies gush as photographer shares super dapper photos of his granddad



A photographer has gotten female social media users indicating interest in his grand father after he shared some amazing photos of him on Twitter.

According to the tweep with username @notriky, he took his granddad for a photoshoot and the pictures he posted online were the end results.

He went further to ask people what they think of the images and the reaction his post got was one of great admiration, especially from ladies.

@Notriky wrote; ”Took my grand dad for a photo shoot. What ya’ll think?”

See more photos:

@Lorrain87160050; He’s one fine gentleman

@ninuuuuuuuuuuuu; I want your grandad

@Nancyab_: Our zaddy 4 life…pls does he like young girls

@matlzgerald; Is he single? My grand MA loves him.

@a_ma_ka; Your grandad is so handsome.

@Portia_Mantima; Can your grandma fight??

@Sherrowmangelo; I can be your grandmother

@tshidi443; Is he married,asking 4 a friend

@MercyAmanda5; Please if u would look like this at 60-70years then please send me a dm,cus what.Man is Black, Man is bold,man is Clean and Man is classy

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