Our fathers married up to 10 wives, but modern women can’t even stand a second wife – Journalist laments

Nigerian broadcaster, Emmanuel Onyeka Okoh also known as Okwuluora, has expressed disappointment with the change in marital norms.

He asserted that women of today cannot stand to be in a marriage with a second wife whereas in the yester days, our forefathers were marrying betwee 3 to 20 wives who all lived together peacefully and loved each other.

Emmanuel who shared his thoughts through Facebook was full of criticism towards modern women for not being more accepting of polygamy, and not respecting their husbands like it used to be in the past.

The media practitioner, who described the situation as a ‘sad’ one wondered where the women ‘learnt such wickedness’ which is in contrast of the traits their mothers exhibited.

He wrote; “Our Fathers married 3 to 10 wives and all of them loved each other & also maximum respect for the husband! Ladies of today can’t even stand a second wife. Anya Ufu. Where una learn this wickedness from. Your Mothers were so good & accommodating. This is so SAD”.

See his post:

Our fathers married up to 10 wives, but modern women can't stand a second wife - Journalist laments

In related news…

A Ghanaian man identified as Michael Houston, has opened up on how he’s been managing his home with the two wives he just married.

He went viral in December 2023 for tying the knot with two pretty ladies, whom he recently disclosed have complete access to his bank accounts.

Michael advised other men to ensure that their partner’s account is as healthy as theirs, noting that it makes the woman to be disciplined in spending.

According to the businessman, a wife will sacrifice everything for her man if he can guarantee her security in the union and assure her that their future is aligned.

He wrote; “In a relationship make sure your woman’s account is as healthy as yours. In my case my two wives have complete access to my accounts, their accounts are as healthy as mine, giving them this power makes them even more disciplined in spending, even with this power they still ask before they go do any extra spending which as a matter of fact they are entitled to and its my responsibility, but they still ask.

“I believe women like security, if she knows you got her in mind and your future is aligned with hers and Not that you just gonna dump her or divorce her after all is said and done, which will have her start from zero again, then trust me she will sacrifice everything for you to win. My little advise I say I wan share, You are blessed. Enjoy the rest of your day.”