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Opera is hiring in Nigeria, 8 positions available with salaries between N75,000 to N300,000 per month



Opera is recruiting in Nigeria to fill various positions in Olist. Olist is a new Opera brand in Nigeria, the greatest free online platform with a propelled security framework. Olist gives a straightforward/problem-free answer to sell and purchase nearly anything from real people around you and anywhere in Nigeria.[AdSense-A]

All the positions available are listed below with salaries ranging from N75,000 to as high as N300,000 per month.

NOTICE: You can qualify to the interview stage directly by joining the Opera Olist Campaign. All you need to do is copy the unique link provided to you when you apply for this job, share the link on your social media pages or to friends on any platform to support you by clicking a support button in the page. 100 people to get the highest number of supports will qualify automatically to the interview stage of this recruitment.

Available position (Application link is at the bottom of this article)

1. Field Sales Executive/Team Lead
Salary: ₦75,000 – 300,000

2. Telesales Executive/ Team Lead
Salary: ₦250,000 – 300,000

3. Real Estate Team Lead
Salary: ₦200,000 – 300,000

4. Web Information Auditor
Salary: ₦200,000 – 300,000

5. Content Writer
Salary: ₦200,000 – 300,000

6. Graphics Designer
Salary: ₦200,000 – 300,000

7. Website designer
Salary: ₦200,000 – 300,000

8. Collection Agent
Salary: ₦150,000 – 200,000


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Expiring date:
18th October, 2019.

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