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An Open Letter to the President of Nigeria on Police Brutality – By Correct Bro



Dear Mr. President,

I am writing this letter to you because I am scared of going out with my car, I am scared of going out with my iPhone X smartphone, I am scared of driving out with my Mac PC on the back seat of my car even when I have a presentation to make, I am scared of going past a police check point even though I have nothing incriminating, I am scared of dressing well and ultimately, I am totally scared of everything as a young man living in Nigeria.

Mr. President, you promised us a better security before you took over and it is no longer news that the armed security operatives you have put in place to protect our lives and properties have chased armed robbers off the streets, taken their place and are doing a better job than the armed robbers ever did in brutalizing the hardworking and innocent citizens of this great country. Who should we fear, The armed robbers that usually come at night to steal or the armed security operatives that rob us in broad daylight? At a point I contemplated if I should direct this message to you or the Inspector General of Police, but then you are the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of Nigeria.[AdSense-A]

Mr. President, there is no day that passes that I do not get at least one report of a case of police assault on my desk from hardworking Nigerians who have been intimidated, brutalized and robbed by one arm of the Nigerian security operatives and want their voices to be heard through my social media platforms. I was compelled to write this letter after receiving three reports in a day.

Your Excellency, police arrest citizens on the road now for doing nothing, just to get money from bails, and I call this legal kidnapping. I have once overheard a security operative say “make market dey today o!” which was quite shocking.

Mr. President, I would not be wrong if I say that if an estimate is taken, the number of citizens murdered in cold blood now by our security operatives have surpassed those murdered by armed robbers. Who should I talk about, the ones murdered because they looked good, the ones murdered for refusal to give access to security officers to check their phones, the ones murdered for failing to ‘settle’ security officers or should I talk about drivers and conductors murdered over mere bribes of N50? At this situation, it would be okay to agree with Falz that ‘This is Nigeria and Everybody is a Criminal’.

Mr. President, do you know that SARS which is supposed to mean ‘Special Anti Robbery Squad’ is now fondly referred to by Nigerians as ‘Special Armed Robbery Squad? This should be a shame to the purpose it was created for.

Being an armed security officer in Nigeria is now more like getting a license to become a legal and legitimate armed robber.

The Police Force has lost its purpose and the government needs to act before it is too late. This issue has reached a height that the government should not keep on being mute about. If this is not addressed, the society will accept this gruesome brutality to a point that they would have no other option but to defend themselves against police brutality.[AdSense-A]

Sir, I want to end this letter by quoting a tweet made earlier today by a pained Nigerian who was assaulted and arrested alongside two of his friends by the men of Nigerian Police Force for no reason, it reads;

“The Nigeria police arrested me two days ago at about 9pm. They stopped me in a tricycle and searched the three of us, they didn’t see anything aside our phones and food we bought from the mall. They ordered us to step into their van or they’ll shoot us.

I stayed in the police station till 10am .. I managed to bail myself to save my working life .. but the worst happened, My Gtbank MasterCard and house key got missing .. they denied knowing anything about it.

This isn’t a make up story .. I am still in shock till this evening .. 5-6pm am already in my house for fear of police ..

To the @NigeriapolicePR @NigeriaPolice, Can we say the police is our friend?

This event happened in Ebrumede Warri Delta state.. This was kidnapping not an arrest .. cos I only had my Shoprite meal with me .. Am posting this tweet in pains ..

Don’t forget you all have kids .. the sins of the father will always locate his kids .. continue with the oppression

Am a civil servant and a punter .. my day to day living comes from @bet9ja .. am not a street guy.. you didn’t arrest me with anything illegal aside the food I bought from rodinia .. but I know God will recompense you all.. goodnight

We re not animals. An officer even said Warri is so dry now.. so arresting innocent working citizen will bring money I guess .. I can’t reply tweets yet.. I feel pains when I think about it .. but that won’t stop me from loving my life .. your reward awaits you all.”

Best regards.

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