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Only men that woo you for up to 2 years have good intentions – Nigerian lady



A Nigerian lady has said the amount of time she believes a man is supposed to spend wooing a woman he is interested in dating.

According to the lady, she does not know why men of nowadays easily move on when a woman turns down their advances.

She stated that men of olden days had good intentions because they used to chase after a woman for as long as two years.

The lady identified as Cara stated this in response to a Twitter user Adebusayo’s observation that men re no longer persuasive when wooing women.

”Who noticed that men are no longer persuasive? Once they ask you out and you say NO……… Case close”, she wrote

Cara simply responded;

”I wonder why they do that, in the past guys can persuade u for like 2 years.. I think those times men have good intentions”

When a man replied; 2yrs, that man nor get work

She said; He wasn’t jobless please, he actually knew what he want and was a determined man

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