Only a GOAT recognises another – Tems boasts following Snoop Dogg’s collabo request

Nigerian sonorous singer, Temilade ‘Tems’ Openiyi has reacted to the appeal by American Hip Hop star, Snoop Dogg.

CorrectNG reported earlier that the award-winning rapper reached out to Tems for a collaboration.

Snoop Dogg declared his interest to work with the ‘No Woman No Cry’ singer, in a video making the rounds on social media.

The rapper wondered when they will have a chance to finally enter the studio and make a song together.

According to Snoop, his entire family is filled with people who are Tems’ fans and they love dancing to her music.

Snoop Dogg said; “So Tems, when are we going to make a record? You know I am a fan, let’s make a fucking hit record girl. You have my whole family dancing to your shit, I need one with you”.

In reaction, Tems boasted that she is a GOAT, which also means – outstanding artiste, that is why she was able to attract one of the greatest musicians in the world.

According to the Try Me hit maker, it does not take long for a great person to recognise another great person, however, people who do not fall under the category will always remain blind to the reality.

She wrote on Twitter: “How you know you tha 🐐 is when you attract the all the 🐐’s.

It don’t take too long for a GOAT to recognise another GOAT. But the sheep, they always blind af.”

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