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Online vendor whose surname is Olosho shares message she received from a customer



An online vendor identified as Dolapo Olosho, has shared screenshot of a message she received from a customer in reaction to her name.

They had apparently done a transaction and she sent her account details to him via Instagram for payment. In the message, she wrote her full name and this caught the customer’s attention.

He immediately started laughing with the use of emoji’s, and Dolapo figured that it was probably because of her surname.

She then asked him, if he’s laughing because of the Olosho name and he responded in the affirmative. In her reply, she said that she is used to people reacting that way.

Sharing a screenshot von Twitter via her handle @tilewa_ she wrote;

”Not me sending my account details to this customer on IG and he’s laughing first cause of my surname .. I’m tired lmao.”

When netizens asked questions about the meaning of the name, she explained that it actually means owner of wealth.

”It means prostitute but mine means owner of wealth lol. Yoruba is funny yh.. the same spelling so the first thing everybody thinks about is the prostitute,’‘ she tweeted.

Read the chat below:

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