One year after marriage, woman asks court for divorce because her husband doesn’t pray

A woman, Mrs Wasilat Saka has pleaded with a Grade 1 Area Court in Kubwa, Abuja, to dissolve her marriage with husband, Tajudeen Jimoh over abandonment and neglect of religious obligations.

The civil servant, who appeared in court on Thursday, lamented over conflict in faith beliefs between she and the man she married last year.

Saka said they got married under Islamic Law on July 30, 2022, but Jimoh who claimed to be a Muslim, soon abandoned her for months while refusing to perform all Islamic rites.

According to the woman, the marriage is yet to produce any children and she does not wish to continue being his wife.

“My husband does not observe five daily prayers and does not observe Ramadan fast either.

“We always quarrel and fight; for these reasons, I beg the court to grant my request for a divorce,” Saka said.

Though Jimoh was absent during hearing, the court’s bailiff, Dangana Bawa tendered a proof that he was served the hearing notice.

The Judge, Ibrahim Rufai adjourned the case until June 13.

Meanwhile, a Nigerian man, Taiwo Ajadi, has filed for divorce from wife, Mariam over alleged disobedience and wayward attitude.

The couple appeared before an Area Court in Ilorin, Kwara state where he pleaded for the marriage to be dissolved and he be given custody of their children.

Mr Ajadi and his wife have three children: an 11-year-old girl, a boy, 8; and another girl, 4.

The defense counsel, Maruf Ibrahim told the court that his client, Mariam, agreed to the divorce but not on the basis of the allegations levelled against her.

He said the woman was not in any way disobedient to her husband as Mr Ajadi alleged, neither was she wayward in any manner.

Ibrahim further told the court that Mariam also wanted custody of their three children.

The counsel described the children as minors and argued that the husband should be responsible for their school fees and maintenance.

The Presiding Judge, AbdulQadir Ibrahim, said the applicant should produce evidence and witnesses on reasons why he should have custody of the children.