Old Video Shows How Popular Nigerian Prophet, Jeremiah Fufeyin, Foresaw Outcome of 2023 Presidential Elections

An old video which is currently circulating on the internet has shown how popular Nigerian Prophet, Jeremiah Fufeyin foresaw the outcome of the 2023 Elections, won by the APC’ Bola Tinubu.

In the video made during a service on the 11th December 2022, Fufeyin, who’s the founder of Christ Mercyland Deliverance Ministry in Warri, noted that he saw in a vision the drama that unfolded during the election.


According to him, while people were at the verge of jubilating the win of a candidate, another announcement overshadowed the elation.

“This prophecy is about Nigeria’s forthcoming presidential election. Write it down. Mark it because the internet never forgets,” Fufeyin said.

He stated that there was going to be attacks, crisis, violence before the election stating that “before the election there will be attack and bloodshed.

Speaking about the election day, Fufeyin said God had directed him to pray for the youth as he saw youths fighting and killing themselves.

“I am seeing destruction of ballot boxes. I see gunshots,” he said.
Fufeyin noted that while people voted heavily and clamoured for a candidate, an announcement that surpassed their euphoria dashed their enthusiasm.
While most youth had projected the win of the Labour Party candidate, INEC declared Tinubu as the winner.

“The Lord told me that in less than six months even if the winner was not expected and sick, there will be a change. The Lord has held our cry, what we are passing through, this person who will be on the seat, will bring a change for good in six months, he said in the video.