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OFFICIAL! MI Abaga announces exit from Chocolate City, launches Incredible Music (Video)



MI Abaga on Friday, March 6, 2020, announced the end of his 13-year association with Chocolate City as he launched a self-owned record label, Incredible Music.

On Incredible Music, MI Abaga has released his 10th studio project, Judah The EP – it is also his first release under Incredible Music.

Recall that on September 13, 2019, MI Abaga had vacated his position as the CEO of Chocolate City. This came after Chocolate City announced its deal with Warner Music. Audu Maikori stepped back into the role which he vacated in 2015.

In 2007, MI Abaga joined Chocolate City and in 2015, he assumed the role of CEO. Under the label, he released nine projects – five albums, three mixtapes and one playlist. In 2008, he released his critically acclaimed debut, Talk About It. In 2010, he released his magnus opus, MI2: The Movie.

During that run, he also won two awards at the 2009 MTV Africa Music Awards – a huge milestone for a rapper in a pop era. It was also during that run that he started the mix-tape trilogy, Illegal Music. With the label, he also tried his first imprint, Loopy Music and signed MILLI.

We reported earlier that MI Abaga via an arm that handles Corporate Social Responsibilities, TASCK, opposed the social media bill and called on celebrities to join.

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