Odumodublvck has been in the industry for long, he started as manager – Oxlade

Nigerian music sensation, Oxlade says rapper, Odumodublvck has been in the music industry for a long time without people being aware.

He said Odumodublvck started out as a manager, and just like him there are others like Vector, Falz and Small Doctor who have been in the game before they got recognition.

Odumodublvck has been in the industry for long, he started as manager - Oxlade

Oxlade who disclosed this during a chat with Joey Akan on Afrobeats Intelligence podcast where he said that he tweeted about the rapper in 2019 during the first block party.

According to the ‘Ku Lo Sa’ crooner, he is a industry baby and he sees the growth of other artistes and appreciates it.

He said; “Small Doctor men don dey mount before men believe say dem dey mount. Vector, Falz, there are even new generation people, Psych0 YP, Odumodublvck. There are people that have been holding this thing before they even got their recognition.

“Odumodu has been in this game, [Joey; ‘For Over 10 years] as a manager first of all. I tweeted Odumodu in 2019, first block party, Alhaji Popping can testify.”

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In other news…

Nigerian comedian and skit-maker, Oluwadolarz, has revealed that he did not get support from most of his colleagues when he ventured into music.

He said when he released his debut EP, his close friend, Lord Lamba, and Sydney Talker whom he housed in Lagos state for 3 to 4 months did not support or promote his music.

Oluwadolarz said; “I am working on a documentary. It’s going to be about my story; people that I’ve supported in the industry that did not turn up for me. I dropped an EP and not one single skit maker or comedian supported it despite reaching out to them. Funny enough, I still support them when they reach out to me even after I dropped my EP and they didn’t support.

“When Sydney Talker came to Lagos, he lived with me for like three, four months. So Sydney is a friend of mine. We were close at the time but he didn’t support my music. Nobody supported my music. Bae U just posted it on his story that I just dropped an EP and that was all. Officer Woos shot a skit with me to promote the EP but I couldn’t post it because it would be the only promotional video as other skit makers weren’t ready to support me.

“I was supposed to shoot another skit with Shanks to promote the EP but I called and he said he was busy so I just had to let it go. Even Lord Lamba. Funny enough, he was living with me at that point. He came as a guest for my birthday and he started living with me. And I’m so happy for him now. Looking at him now, he is so big in the industry now.”