ObiDient lady declines neighbours’ request to charge phones in her house after mocking her

A Nigerian lady known as @ChuGailx on Twitter has opened up on how the 2023 presidential election led to a squabble in her compound.

The young woman who is a supporter of Peter Obi, said her neighbours mocked her when Bola Tinubu was declared the president-elect in the morning of March 1st 2023.

According to the writer, after the mockery ended, they later came knocking on her door to charge their phones when she put on the generator.

The Obidient lady said she did not open the door for them, neither did she answer their knocking.

@ChuGailx said the people who teased and poked her comprised of a mother and her children as well as six other women.

She narrated; “My neighbors are mad bold. It’s how they finished mocking me with Omo-Ibo this morning. And then came to knock on my door to charge as soon as my gen came on. It’s like all of you are drunk today.

These people really called me enemy of progress this morning. Lmao. I didn’t even open the door. I’m not nice. Never was. They actually were jeering at me and making comments in yoruba. Called me enemy of progress and bad belle. I’m talking mother and children. 6 women gathered to mock me today. I’m not even joking.”

In other news, Nigerian Twitter Influencer, Daniel Regha has said music star, Ayo Balogun aka Wizkid started becoming less of a force after he took a jab at rappers.

It may be recalled that during an interview with 10 magazine, the “Essence” crooner said rap is dead while arguing in favour of Afrobeats dominating the Hip Hop genre.

According to the Starboy Entertainment founder, Hip Hop artistes mostly rap on the same beats, and they have similar styles.

Wizkid also took to social media and said Nigerian rappers are non-rappers who lack development and he went on to list South Africa’s Nasty C and Ghana’s Sarkodie as the ‘real rappers’ in Africa.

Subsequently, Wizkid received backlash mostly from Nigerian rap artistes who either responded to him online or released diss freestyles.

Months after the singer made these comments, Regha said he lost his star power due to the outcome of his utterance.

According to the social commentator, it also led to Wizzy’s More Love, Less Ego album turning out as a big failure.

He advised the Joro crooner to recant his statement, beg for forgiveness and make efforts to improve his behaviour.

Regha said; “Wizkid’s star power has seriously dropped after he mocked rappers; MLLE is no doubt a mid project, but this also led to the album being a big flop (compared to MIL). He needs to retract his words, beg for forgiveness & improve his behaviour. Humility goes a long way. No offense.”