Obi Cubana invites BLord for meeting after he rejected $10m foreign investment

CEO of Cubana Group, Obinna Iyiegbu also known as Obi Cubana has held a meeting with cryptocurrency investor, Linus Williams Ifejika aka BLord, for business purposes.

The two businessmen met after BLord turned down $10 million from foreigners seeking to invest in his latest innovation, BillPoint app.

Days ago, the B-Lord Group founder said he turned down the offer because his team believes the app would generate much more profit than the amount in a few years.

Speaking on his meeting with Cubana, Ifejika said they discussed tech related matter pertaining the banking sector.

He shared a photo after the business conversation, declared that they were going to take over the Nigerian banking system.

BLord wrote; “A quick tech discussion with my chairman , we are about to take the nigeria banking system”

Linus Ifejika launched the app in April 2023 to enable its users buy cheap airtime, data, pay electricity bills and cable TV bills with ease.

According to him, “the BillPoint app is here to make transactions easy for Nigerians. It is an unarguable fact that no one walks down to vendors to sort their bills any longer when they can do so online that is one of the more reasons this App will succeed and I am optimistic about the future of the app and it’s acceptablility.”

BLord also said it has generated a lot just within days of its launch and it is proof of how valuable the product is, adding that it’s going to solve problems for many users in the coming years.