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Nurse retires from same hospital she began her career 42 years ago



A woman has come to the end of her long-lasting career as an obstetrical nurse after working for 42 years.

The nurse shared a throwback photo of herself in scrubs as well as a recent image taking the same hospital.

She disclosed that she started her nursing career there and she has been working at the hospital since 1979.

In the photos, she posed in a similar manner while trying to recreate the old look.

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”Just retired after 42 years as an obstetrical nurse, at the same hospital. Here I am at the start (1979) and end of my career!”, the nurse captioned her post.

Social media users celebrated her and equally expressed shock at how she aged.

@Three_BukanTiga; Are you not bored and not tired of standing there for 42 years, because if I stand in the same place for 1 hour I will feel very bored and tired. But you can be strong for 42 years, you are really very strong mom..!!

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@i_bijay; I am confused … which pic of your is old and which one is new.

@rahulksts; Seriously!!!!! Theses picture don’t look like to have a gap of 42 years! Congratulations

@SinaShahidi; You literally look younger now! Kudos for all the hard work and helping countless people, it must be a very rewarding feeling!

@gushmaneh; Thank you, for 42 years of service. May God reward you, and keep you safe. Enjoy your retirement Ma’.

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@MalangNastik; You are not at the end of your career, you have completed your career. We shall thank you for your life long services.

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