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Nudity is not empowerment, stop brainwashing young girls – Career woman slams her fellow women



A Career-driven woman has taken to social media to call out her fellow women who have formed the habit of posting nude photos online and terming it, ‘women empowerment.

According to her, there is nothing minutely empowering about nudity, as showing off ones backside and boobs does not send any message about how an empowered woman should be.

She urged women who do such to stop brainwashing the younger generation of women, rather they should teach them important concepts revolving around things like business, investments or art-related ideas.

In her words;

”Nudity is not women empowerment. There’s nothing empowering about showing boobs & ass.

”stop brainwashing younger generation of women with rubbish.

”Teach women stocks, investments, involve them in politics, businesses & sponsor them in arts e.t.c. That is empowerment.

”How will posting of boobs on social media empower a woman? How? what exactly does it empower a woman to do? Explain better.

”If you want to share your nude you’re free to, it’s your body. But don’t call it body positivity or empowerment. It’s just a woman’s nude. Simple”

See her post:

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