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I have not been to HELL, yes the biblical one, but I believe hell is better operated than Nigeria – Nigerian man says as he narrates his encounter with POLICEMEN/SARS in Benin City



It is no longer a news that the men of the Nigerian Police Force who are actually supposed to be protecting the lives and properties of the citizens are now the ones who are now harassing and them and falsely framing them up in a bid to extort money from them. This is a big shame, the government know about this but has refused to address it. The Nigerian policemen do not respect the rule of law. In fact, the people now fear the police more than thieves.[AdSense-A]

A young Nigerian man, who is a reader, has shared with us his ordeal with men of the Nigerian Police Force today in Benin City, read below;

I hate the workings of this our country Nigeria. I have not been to HELL, yes the biblical one but I believe hell is better operated than this.

My encounter with the POLICE/SARS in Benin City, today. It was a rainy morning and I had my hood on as it was a bit cold and they stopped me at ring road and told me to take it off which I did, they saw my hair was well kept and I told them I just covered it because of the weather and that’s how they veered off my hair and asked me what I do, I told them and they said I should show them some of my works and I had to unlock my phone (BIG MISTAKE) before I knew it, he was going through my mail and I told him “you can’t do that, that’s personal” next thing he said am an internet fraudster all because he saw an iPhone, going through my chats and photos, asking the most annoying questions ever “have you travelled abroad before, that’s why you were covering your head,why are your lips red, it’s like you sleep with girls everyday, what cult do you belong to? I was like what is all this, am not a cultist nor a fraudster and that I have somewhere to be by 9am and showed them proof, they did not bulge amidst pleading for something I didn’t do or belong to.

I was detained for over 50 minutes and I overheard them say “MAKE MARKET DEY TODAY O” (these guys are not in it to serve or protect, they don’t love their job, joblessness and frustrations, their motive for signing up) I pleaded and pleaded and they said “SETTLE” do you have 100k, later 50k, for what? and I was like I didn’t do anything, they threatened and threatened, delayed me and ended up collecting 1k from me, saying I should make it 1500.

I wonder the kind of corruption that is being fought in this country and they expect people to love the police force which is supposed to protect and serve the people rather it’s something that the people consciously NEED to run from. Being in the midst of frightening hungry looking people who act less than savages and cannot even say a full sentence in good English and they’re #POLICEMEN. Just spoilt my day.

It’s high time the Nigerian government go on live tv everyday and tell the good people of Nigeria what the clear cut duties of the police are, as it should be and uphold it, persecute the policemen that are rotten, not just talking about the constitution and rights of the citizens that are non existent. If the duties of the police is to protect government officials, their families and the extremely wealthy, then they should be used as bodyguards, scrapping the force and leave us to our fate to protect ourselves from thieves and all, then we’d know who’s who.

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