Not all entertainers are wayward – Actor Uzor

Nigerian actor, Uzor Arukwe has said the notion that all entertainers are wild and wayward is misguided as people like him have principles.

He stated this in an interview while talking about moments in his career when he had to stand up for his values in the movie industry.

The handsome thespian also expressed the desire to have some privacy even though fans do not seem to understand that entertainers had bad days too.

Arukwe entertainers wayward

He said; “I will always be myself. If anyone brings anything that does not augur well with me, I would not going to do it, regardless of what I could benefit from it. On the flip side, some people feel that entertainers are wild and wayward.

“But, I don’t agree with that. Some of us have morals. We have standards and principles that we don’t go against.”

Arukwe added; “Being a celebrity is great. It means that one is celebrated for one’s work. There are celebrities in all industries, including oil and gas, agriculture, healthcare, and education. The fact that one is being celebrated in the entertainment industry is a great thing. However, there could be times that one might be having a bad day, and might not want to take pictures or smile. But, the fans might not understand. It could be tough sometimes, but I am not complaining.”

Speaking on what he expects from Nollywood, the actor said; “I want us to do better, and I desire to see Nigerian actors enjoying the fruits of our labour. Our counterparts in Hollywood and some other countries enjoy back-end payments and royalties. Here, we are just stuck with our artistry.

“Most times, the pay is not even as good as one would expect. I want us to get to a point where actors are truly celebrated. If you look at the music and comedy industries, you will realise that they are being well celebrated. However, actors and filmmakers seem to be in the back burner. I want actors to be well celebrated and better remunerated.”