Not all BBN girls are doing ‘hookup’ – BBNaija star, Saga

Big Brother Naija 2021 ex-housemate, Saga Deolu says the widespread belief that all his female colleagues are into into prostitution is a big misconception.

He revealed thet he is close to some of the female BBNaija stars and can attest to the fact that they work hard to earn their money, rather than use the platform to sell their bodies.

Not all BBN girls are doing hookup - BBNaija star, Saga

Saga made the remark in a recent interview with The Punch while noting that he does not like hearing such speculations from fans and critics.

He said; “The biggest misconception is that every lady in BBN is a prostitvte. That is a big lie. I know some of them that work so hard for their money, and they are doing great. So, I don’t like it when I hear those lies about them. Some people also think that we are not talented enough, and that hurts because a lot of us are gifted.

Another misconception is that people think we did not make any sacrifices to get to where we are. However, participating in BBN is a sacrifice that takes a lot from one. BBN is not for everyone. Sometimes, I advise some people against going for the show because I know it is not for them. Fans actually send us gifts because they are inspired by the sacrifices we made. Anyone that goes on that show deserves any gift they get.”

Speaking on his family’s reaction to him leaving engineering for entertainment, the loverboy said his father was initially not in support when he went for the Big Brother show.

He said that he thought they would have a fight when he returns home, however, the events that unfolded drew them closer.

Saga said; “My father did not support me initially. When I went for BBN, it was a blessing for me, because my father got to watch me in my real element. When I left the house, I thought we would have a fight, because I had an unfiltered discussion about my relationship with him on TV. Fortunately, it made us closer.

Now, he supports everything I do. My father was the one who pushed me into engineering. But right now, I am making money and we are all happy, because that had always been the goal.”