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North will lose presidency, VP will become president – Apostle Suleman prophesies



General Overseer of the Omega Fire Ministries International, Apostle Johnson Suleman, has said the next president of Nigeria will not come from the northern region.

The popular clergyman, during a sermon at his church on Wednesday, stated that the vice-president of the country would become the president, according to the prophecy he gave for the year 2021.

“I saw power leaving the North. The Lord told me audibly that number two will become number one. It is a prophecy. Nigeria will not break (up). Nigeria will not divide. There will be no war in this country,” Suleman said.

The televangelist also reflected on the past prophecies he gave while corroborating his declaration with members of his church, that he foretold the end of the former President Goodluck Jonathan’s administration in 2012.

“In 2012, not even an election year, I said I saw a new president. I said thus saith the Lord, Jonathan, go home. Remember, the Lord says you are the last PDP (Peoples Democratic Party) president. The Lord says go home.

“This one that is coming, six months, there will be no cabinet ministers, come and see insults. That Apostle Suleman, we have to check his degree, we are not sure he went to school. (This is coming) from the Senate. How can somebody be president and not have ministers? The man entered, and six months no ministers. When it happened, nobody called back to say he said so, they kept quiet.”

“Now, I am saying this again to you. This is what the Lord told me. This country will shake. I speak in a parable. I said something during the independence (anniversary). I repeat it again. You will see what will happen. This country will shake. That’s what God told me.

“What’s today? I’m calling the date so that you won’t say it happened before he said it. 6:35 pm, December 30, 2020. Note it! The Lord told me audibly that number two will become number one.”

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