Normalize checking your partner’s phone without permission – Daniel Regha advises

Nigerian Twitter Influencer, Daniel Regha, has urged men and women to make it a habit of always going through their partner’s phone.

He said it is important to occasionally check ones husband or wife’s mobile devices whenever they are asleep to confirm if they are cheating or not.

Regha, who said that a man or woman can give their spouse benefit of the doubt, said it should not be unwavering because we live in a wicked world.

The social media commentator said; “Normalize going thru partner’s phones & other portable devices from time to time, especially when they’re sleeping; Do it without permission. Investigate any unfamiliar or suspicious contact. Give ur lover the benefit of the doubt but don’t be too trusting. It’s a wicked world.”

Meanwhile, a Nigerian relationship counselor identified as Babajide Edges has said it is important for men not to keep friends who are unfaithful to their partners.

The business coach said a faithful man would be made to feel guilty for doing the right thing if his friends are those that cheat.

Babajide explained that the faithful men will not survive in the midst of such men because they will mock him and make him think that being loyal is a weakness.

He further advised that any male virgin that intends to keep himself chaste should not tell his friends about his status.

According to him, they would keep putting pressure on their friend to either lose his virginity or cheat on his partner.

In his words; “One of the major rules of being a faithful man is don’t keep unfaithful men as friends. You can’t & won’t survive it. They gon mock you until you start seeing your loyalty as a weakness while you resent the innocent woman at home.

Company is energy; energy is contagious. If you’re a committed virgin & you’re still schooling, the best you can do is to be silent about your status if you’ve many friends that are sexually active. Some (not all) of them won’t rest until you lose it & become actively sexual as them. It’s a silent goal for many of them.

Also, some of them won’t stop until they make you feel like you are heavily diseased just for being a virgin & they won’t stop matching you with crooked men they have already leaked your status to. If you are in committed relationship, endeavor not to always make a mountain out of mole hill whenever you have a disagreement in your relationship to majority of your friends & family.

Don’t let your body sweet you that you spread every matter in front of people especially the ones that don’t believe in commitment. They would sell you unrealistic perfection that’s going to make you resent your imperfect partner. When you’re pressed to talk, there are experts for it. Don’t love your money too much that you give excess power to the unqualified.”