Nollywood now proud of using Nigerian names in movies – Actress, Debby Felix

Promising Nigerian actress, Debby Felix, has said the movie industry is telling more homegrown stories and projecting the country’s indigenous cultures.

She said that Nollywood is producing more diverse stories about events happening in real time in Nigeria.

Debby explained that filmmakers have begun to incorporate everyday lives of Nigerian students and families in their movies.

Speaking in an interview, she said; “These days, Nollywood tells stories of things that truly occur in society. We also tell political stories, as well as things that go on in schools, streets and homes. Aside from the stories, there are also relatable themes.

Slangs that people use online and in real life now make their ways to our movies, and that makes them more relatable. Producers and directors now put in more efforts to make our movies relatable to the Nigerian audience, both within and outside the country.”

Debby further said that gone are the days when producers or directors would be ashamed of giving their characters Nigerian names and opt for English ones.

She explained that the world is beginning to see and appreciate Nigerian movies more, now that the stories are about real life situations in the nation.

The actress also gave commendation to the industry for improving in cinematography such that big screens like Netflix and other international platforms now premiere more Nollywood movies.

Debby said; “In Nollywood, we are beginning to put in more efforts in cinematography and storytelling. More of our stories are now going on the big screens. The world is beginning to see and hear more of our stories.

Before, characters in our films bore foreign names such as ‘Tracy’, ‘Debby’ and ‘Kelvin’. But now, we use Nigerian names such as ‘Ishaya’. We are selling our culture more than ever before.”