Nollywood needs to stop giving roles based on ‘man-know-man’ – Actor Femi Adekanye

Nigerian actor, Femi Adekanye, has advocated for filmmakers to give movie roles based on merit and not because of their personal relationship with the actors.

He stated this in an interview while emphasising the need for both actors and actresses to get equal opportunities in the industry.

The athlete turned Nollywood actor, said there should be healthy competition amongst colleagues, as the goal should be to see each other grow.

Adekanye said; “I will like to see a situation when an actor is engaged based on his skills and how talented he is; not because he knows the executive producer or the director.

Actors should be picked on merit; not on man-know-man basis. There shouldn’t be conditions attached to any role given to any gender.

Also, healthy competition between producers and directors should be encouraged. We should help one another grow; not pull others down.”

Speaking on the qualities an actor needs to possess to be successful, the thespian propounded the theory of three Ds, namelyl Determination, Dedication and Discipline.

Adekanye said; “I believe that one must have three Ds. The first is determination. One must be determined to make sure that every role given to one is well interpreted.

The second is dedication. One must be dedicated to make sure that the character one is portraying and all the scenes one is featured in are well executed.

Lastly, one must be disciplined, which is the vital quality an actor needs to have. Without this, one cannot even get referrals or be successful at one’s craft.”