Nollywood actresses earn more than actors because of their bargaining power – Norbert Young

Veteran actor, producer and director, Norbert Young, has explained why women earn more money than their male colleagues in Nollywood.

Young was analysing the evolution of Nollywood and gender pay gap in a recent interview and he revealed that actresses attract more money because of their bargaining power.

Nollywood actresses earn more than actors because of their bargaining power - Norbert Young

The actor said women attract money and it does not necessarily make them wayward, they are just more gifted than men.

Young said; “People love women and what they do because women attract more money. And that doesn’t make them wayward. Women are more gifted than men. Although every actor has their own bargaining power and maybe the women are bargaining better.

“But I don’t go asking how much you are paid, and you don’t come asking about my pay. Better is relative, I think it all depends on priorities and what is better for you might not be better for me.”

Meanwhile, in similar news…

Seasoned Nollywood actor, Funsho Adeolu raised questions regarding how his female colleagues are able to afford their lavish lifestyles on their average pay.

He revealed that he usually charges higher fee per movie compared to most Nollywood actresses, yet many of them are able to buy bigger vehicles than him.

The movie star explained that they use the movies as platforms to showcase themselves to men who would be able to provide them with wider and better opportunities.

Adeolu said; “I charge more money per movie than most Nollywood actresses but they ride bigger cars than I do. They can’t say they make all that money from acting movies to fund their lifestyle.

“These are people that if I collect N200,000 in a job, they can’t collect N20,000, but they are riding bigger cars than I am riding. What they do is come on set, show themselves on TV and so they have the opportunities. They don’t have anything in their accounts.

“Going to big parties and spraying money but when you get back home you’re calling somebody to come and pay your house rent. All these people grew up in the village. 90% of them might not think they would ever come to Lagos.”