Nollywood actor, Sylvester Madu confirms he now sells okrika [Video]

Veteran Nigerian actor, Sylvester Madu has confirmed that he currently sells fairly used clothes ‘Okrika’, contrary to the believe that what was captured on tape was a movie scene.

He made the clarification after a video of him selling at a market in Enugu state made the rounds on social media platforms and stirred reactions.

CorrectNG reported earlier that Nigerians expressed worry after he was spotted looking unkempt and selling wares from the floor in a marketplace.

The 48-year-old movie star had grown bushy beards and kept a rough afro, but he was still recognised by residents.

Madu, with hundreds of movies under his belt, questioned people to know if there was anything wrong with selling okrika.

He said because he is an actor does not mean he should not look for other legitimate and modest means of earning income.

Madu went on to advise young Nigerians to go out and find legitimate work or start a business without bothering about what people say.

In a fresh video clip, he said it is better than staying at home idle and jobless, and begging for money on social media.

The actor noted that there is dignity in labour and nobody should be ashamed of what feeds them so long as it is not illegal.

In his words; “Yes I am the one in the viral video selling Okrika (Second Clothes) in the market, so because I am an actor, then I am not supposed to work again and have a business? I want to advise youths to go out and work, Do your business legitimately, don’t send anybody, there is dignity in labour.

There are lots of Nigerian youths busy staying at home doing nothing, coming on social media begging for money, please go outside and work”

Watch the video below: