Nobody used to take me seriously in my family – Davido

Award-winning Nigerian musician, David ”Davido” Adeleke has revealed that he enjoys being the last born of the Adeleke family.

He made this known while being interviewed by kid reporter, Jazlyn on Jazzy’s World TV, where he noted that as the last born made other members of his large family did not to take him seriously.

According to Davido, he only started getting attention from his older siblings and relations when he became a brand in the music industry.

Speaking further, the Holy Ground singer, said that another benefit of his position in the family is that the elder ones always have his back whenever he gets into trouble.

Davido said; “When I wanted to do music, imagine being the last born of the family. I’m like, yo I want to do music. I’m going to be a superstar one day.

Imagine trying to influence everybody in a family [where] you are the last born. Nobody took me serious. You feel me?

But as I got older, they looked and they saw that, yo he is really good in this. And then finally, they let me do what I want to do. But being the last born, I love it. If I had a challenge, my older siblings, they will be at my back for real.”

Watch the interview:

The Afrobeats singer earlier revealed that he prays before every performance on stage.

Davido opened up in a Forbes article wherein he covered the latest issue of Forbes’ Afrobeats All-Star; Pioneering The New Global Sound.

According to the ”FEM” crooner, his team knows that he does not miss committing his show into the hands of God before mounting the stage.

He said that he learned a lot from his father, Mr Adedeji Adeleke, particularly with regards to his embrace of Christianity and living a humble life.

The music executive said; “I learned so much from being around my dad, watching him in the office, hearing him on the phone, seeing how he handled life. He’s very humble, principled and a strong Christian. Before I step on any stage, my team knows not to mess with my prayers.”

Davido further said he initially hid his music career from his family because the norm was to go to school, graduate and then work for his dad.