No woman can say she has never done abortion once or twice – Phyna [Video]

Big Brother Naija ‘Level Up’ winner, Josephina Otabor popularly called Phyna, has asserted that every woman has undergone abortion at least once.

She stated this in a recent interview with award-winning broadcaster, Chude Jideonwo while addressing her beef with colleague, Chichi and other matters.

Phyna no woman do abortion

Phyna, who is 26 years old, said there is no woman who can tell her that she has never done abortion either once or twice in her life. The reality TV star emphasised that she is being attacked about her past abortions because she made it public instead of keeping it a secret like many women.

She also talked about how she talked about doing abortion in the Big Brother house when all housemates were having a general conversation about their lives and she never knew her colleagues would use it against her.

Phyna said; “When I came out of the house everybody wanted to chase clout with Phyna, everybody was ready to do shiii. When I was in the house there was a conversation, everybody was talking….

“Issue of abortion, na who talk ihn own dem know right? There is nobody, no woman that will tell me she has not done one or twice.”

Watch a snippet of the interview:

Meanwhile, in another news…

A Nigerian man has reportedly written a letter to the mother of his girlfriend, Tessy, who is pregnant, to warn her not to terminate it.

He got his legal representative to draft the letter to the woman, which stated that he is ready to take up his responsibility.

The baby’s daddy threatened to petition the police and sue his girlfriend’s mum if she gets his girlfriend to terminate the pregnancy.

In the letter, it was revealed that they’ve been dating for six months and she visited him at his store and revealed that she’s carrying his baby. After which they went for test at the hospital to verify and it was confirmed that she is one month pregnant.

The letter read; “Our client informed us that he is a boy friend to your daughter miss Tessy and they have been together as friend for about six months now.

Our client informed us that on the 8th December, 2022 your daughter came to his store to informed him of her position and in order for him to verified for himself, they both went for medical test, wherein they were told Tessy was one month pregnant so our client has directed us to write you that he is ready to father his baby with any let.

TAKE NOTICE if the baby is terminated, we have our client instruction to petition you to commissioner of police and sue you in the court of law.”