No more begging for rides – Rapper, Jitm3n buys 2024 Honda after signing record deal

An American Hip Hop artiste, Jitm3n has celebrated bagging his first record deal by buying a brand new 2024 Honda Accord.

The Florida-born rapper declared that he is now rich and has enough money to buy a Mercedes Benz, but he wanted a Honda instead.

Jitm3n buy Honda

Jitm3n who shared a photo of his new whip also rejoiced that he will no longer be begging people for rides as he is now a proud car owner.

“My first car fresh off da lot, brand new bought with my own money. No more asking for rides. I’m rich, I got enough money to buy a Benz, I wanted a Honda Accord”, he captioned.

Jitm3n Honda

Speaking in a video, the rapper said; “This is what happens when you don’t give up, God really just saved my life right now. Right now, I don’t have to worry about shiii… Just last month, I was homeless, sleeping on the floor at my aunty house, next to a dog cage.”

Watch video below:

Reacting , realmasondad wrote:You don’t have to buy an expensive car to prove you have money. Good for him.

@criggs2630; He may make it, has some sense. Now buy some property

@village7village; So this guy is wiser than a lot more. Thanks for projecting this kind of energy. It’ll help the culture.

@silvermillie; Emphasis on “no more asking for rides”

@Cody_on_timing; Good investment hondas reliable

@HonourTheGift; A 2024 car is a flex. Hondas still hitting.

@noisydog_; This might be the smartest rapper 🧐

@justvanillaling; Honda gang! Who needs a Benz when you can have reliability and save some coins?