No man has ever asked what I bring to the table – Actress Yetunde Bakare

Budding Nollywood actress, Yetunde Bakare, has revealed that she’s never been questioned by a man about the buzzing topic of what she ‘brings to the table’ in a relationship.

The busty thespian opined that it is not a general question, hence why no one has posed it to her, however, she believes the men who ask such probably don’t see a future with the woman in question.

No man has ever asked what I bring to the table - Actress Yetunde Bakare

Yetunde made the statement in an interview, noting that the man may have realised through observation that lacked foresight and purpose. The movie star said it is most likely an excuse for him to let the woman go.

She said; “I personally think that is not a general question. Nobody has ever asked me that. I feel men often ask such questions when they don’t see the woman they are with as someone who has potential.

“He might have studied her and realised that she does not have foresight, or that she lacks vision and purpose. He might also see her as someone who is more interested in a luxury lifestyle that she cannot afford on her own. I feel it is just an excuse for the man to let such a woman go.”

Bakare also bemoaned the rising cost of living in the country, and called on government to introduce relief policies because the situation is frustrating.

The actress said; “The current state of the economy makes me speechless sometimes. I wonder how people are surviving, especially those earning monthly salaries and have to cater to large families. It is really frustrating, and something needs to be done urgently.

Things are getting out of hand. A lot of people now spend more than they earn, and it’s driving them into depression. The government needs to introduce relief policies to reduce the pressure”.