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“No man gave it to me” – Woman who once took to the streets with a cardboard to beg for job says as she builds herself a house at 31



A Nigerian woman identified as Ibubeleye Mcdonald, a PhD holder who once took to the street of Port Harcourt in 2016 with a cardboard to beg the state and federal government for job, has taken to her social media page to tell her grass to grace story after she built herself a house at 31.

Despite her story making headlines at the time, the government didn’t give her a job. Fortunately, she eventually got a teaching job in a private school that paid N80,000 per month.

Shortly afterwards, she was introduced into Forex trading and bitcoin, where she claimed she made her fortune.

She took to Facebook to share her story and shared photos of the newly built house, which she said she built herself, without the financial aid of any man or woman.

Read her post below:

Thank you all for the birthday wishes. Many people don’t know my story, while many of you do.

I once walked on the streets of Port Harcourt begging the government for a job. Many well meaning Nigerians called me and encouraged me, while some tried to either swindle me or sleep with me all in the name of helping.

Did the government employ me? HELL NO!

I later got a job in a private school where I was paid 80k monthly. That money was heaven and earth to my family. I knew about bitcoin through Zarfund and MMM in 2016 and started trading with less than 20k. In 2017 December, my cousin gave me 3m to trade for her, We moved the 3m to 10m in few weeks but longthroat didn’t allow us withdraw. That money during 2018 bear market, when bitcoin moved from $20,000 to $3,000 turned to 500k naira. The tears and depression was out of this world as I also collected funds from other people to trade and promised them high ROI. I had to refund some of these money from my own pocket. It was in same 2018 I resigned from the teaching job cause of some issues I was having then. Without any job but trading, I had to squat with my parents and family for financial help and depend on them for a while, and then I decided to fine tune my trading skills.

It became better for a while but same 2018 we were faced with mass liquidation on Bitmex (Many traders can recall the dump) All this is just a summary of the struggle. I can’t go into all the details. But I want you to understand that behind every success, there is a story. The testimony is only as good as the backstory. I had to start afresh many times, had to learn and relearn.

I appreciate all my friends that were there for me, My family means the world to me, cause they stood by me and encouraged me. My dad is my hero as he has always shown me that he brought me to this world to love me.

As you go through your struggles, remember that it will get better. It may get worse before it gets better, but it will get better. Don’t steal, don’t cheat anyone, don’t do anything that won’t give you pride just because of money.

Hardwork and Perseverance still pays.

Thank you for all the birthday and congratulatory messages. I love you

In another post, she wrote;

My life has had many ups and downs, twists and turns. Someday I will tell my story.

Today, I want to celebrate the woman I have become, it took years of hard work, dedication and perseverance. Behind the scenes there have been many battles, depression, frustration, suicidal thoughts, but through it all God had mercy on me and saw me through. You can now add Landlady to my many titles.

I Ibubeleye, built this house from start to finish with my own money. No man, no woman gave it to me, I didn’t use my body, I used my skills, my brains and with encouragement from good friends and family and the grace of God, it was made possible…
The money for this house was built 100% from funds from Trading Bitcoin and the Forex market. It started like a joke. But here we are.

This is a gift to myself and my children, as I celebrate my 31st birthday.

Happy birthday to Me.

See photos below;

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