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No lady has passed my wife material test – 37-year-old man laments



A Nigerian man searching for a woman to settle down with, says that no lady he’s put through a ‘wife material’ test, has passed.

He shared his dilemma with relationship advisor and blogger, Joro Olumofin on Instagram.

According to the 37-year-old man, he subjected six different women to a domestic chore test of cleaning his home and all of them failed.

While revealing that his sister cleans her boyfriend’s place, he wondered if he would ever be able to find a wife material.

In his words; ”No girl has passed my test. Is there still a wife material out there like this? Hi, Good morning Joro. I’m a 37 year old man ready for a serious relationship.

I have a good job and all that. I will bring a lot to the table in any relationship. No lady has passed my wife material test, will I ever meet the one Like this? So here’s the test :, I invite a lady to my place and I scatter everywhere like i make it scattered gan.

If she doesn’t offer to arrange it. I won’t call her back. Out of 6 ladies have tried this with this year none of have cleaned up. My sister cleans up her bf place and she did so from like day 1. What is happening these days ? How do you come to a guy place and leave it how you met it? And you say you like him or want a relationship.

Will I ever find a wife material like this? Some will even scatter it for me the more again. Men in our generation we never see anything o Hmmm”

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