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No jailbreaks in Nigeria in 2023 – NCoS

The Nigerian Correctional Service on Thursday revealed that zero jailbreaks and attacks were recorded in all 253 custodial centres across the country in 2023.

Abubakar Umar, spokesman, Assistant Controller of Corrections made the disclosure during an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria in Abuja.

Umar said the government had taken comprehensive measures to strengthen the security of the facilities and effectively counteract any potential threats, whether originating from internal or external sources.

He said that Nigeria had been haunted by alarming occurrences of vicious jailbreaks and attacks in previous years adding that a lot of strategies were put in place to avert the trends across the nation.

Recall that on July 5, 2022 a daring jailbreak occurred in Abuja involving the Islamic State West Africa Province (ISWAP), in which they successfully carried out an attack on the custodial centre in Kuje.

The spokesman said that the absence of jail attacks in Nigeria in 2023 was a testament to the robust security measures and the dedicated efforts of the security personnel which included various stakeholders.

Umar said; “This achievement should be celebrated as a significant milestone in upholding law and order in the country. It speaks volumes about the effectiveness of the top-level security measures that have been diligently upheld in our custodial centers across the nation.

“Ensuring the safety and security of these facilities is of utmost importance, as it does not only protects the inmates but also the dedicated staff who work tirelessly to maintain order and rehabilitation within the system.

“This accomplishment can be attributed to a combination of factors. It reflects the dedication and professionalism of the security personnel who diligently carry out their duties, implementing robust protocols and procedures to prevent any untoward incidents. Our commitment to upholding the highest standards of security is commendable and should be recognised.”

Speaking further, the NCoS official said that proper inmate rehabilitation and reintegration had also contributed to the peace enjoyed in all custodial centres in Nigeria.

He said; “Don’t forget that it is only in the absence of chaos that businesses strive. This year, we ensure that these inmates are kept in our custodial centres without any problem, no riot, no agitation, and the inmates are going about their normal businesses and that is what gives the society the safety they require.

“A secure and well-maintained custodial system not only upholds the rule of law but also provides an environment conducive to the rehabilitation and reintegration of offenders”.