Nkechi Blessing’s ex, Falegan apologises after losing thousands of followers due to comment about Peter Obi

Opeyemi Falegan, a Nigerian politician and ex-boyfriend of Nkechi Blessing, has tendered an apology to GenZ and ObiDients over his comment about the candidate of Labour Party, Peter Obi.

He had insinuated before the presidential elections that the chances of Obi winning are slim, adding that if it happens he will marry one of his ex-girlfriends.

Falegan made the declaration on social media even though he did not specify if it is Nkechi he would have gone back to had the LP flagbearer been declared president-elect.

He wrote; “If Peter obi enter I go marry my ex . (I get many ex o) If Peter obi enter I go return to one of my exes. ( sense of humour ) lol election go come and go.”

However, days after the announcement of Bola Tinubu as president-elect, the PDP chieftain tendered an apology and said he lost a lot due to difference in political idealogies and he does not want to lose any thing else.

According to him, 7000 social media users unfollowed him in the space of two weeks and they were mostly young people, particularly Obidients who felt some way about his comment.

He said he is not a member of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) neither is he from Lagos state.

Falegan wrote; “Lost a lot based on political ideologies, don’t wanna lose any further , u are only a leader when u have people following u.

To my obedients and Genz make una no vex , ( I am sorry ) I can feel your pains and I am part of you, we can all live in Unity and harmony love regardless of our political ideologies. I love u all.”

“I am not apc, not from lagos state, lost 7k followers last presidential election, Most were youths and Genz. I don’t wanna lose any further. Over 7k followers in the space of 2 weeks.”